AZ Home Values On The Rise

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April 2021 is insane. Buyers out pace listing 4 to 1 or more. Home values are increasing by the day. Not sure what the average home buyer is going to do to compete. Cash buyers are waiving appraisals, inspections and closing in record time.

Since Arizona lifted their mask mandate people from across the country are fleeing the states with lockdowns to call Arizona home. Arizona has always been on the list for vacationers, retirees and free spirits.

If you are in the market to buy a home let me give you a little advise. Find a Realtor who has their own listings. They may be able to speak with the seller prior to going live on the market and may help you avoid the bidding war. You may be able to offer the seller their dream amount before they realize their dream amount is actually lower than the cash buyers dream amount.

Thank you for reading my quick and to the point blog moment. I look forward to helpingĀ  you and your family find that dream home for an affordable price. If you are a golfer lets book a round of golf so you can enjoy what Arizona has to offer and we can find out what your looking for in a dream home. If you aren’t a golfer lets have coffee or lunch to discuss.